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A town of flowers, flavors, and history.Welcome to Akkeshi

Akkeshi is a town with a population of roughly 10,000, and faces the Pacific Ocean in Southeastern Hokkaido.
It boasts both abundant dairy and marine industries; particularly, its oysters are a local delicacy that can be shipped year-round—a rarity, even across Japan.
Additionally, in March of 2021, along with 3 neighboring towns, it was designated part of the “Akkeshi-Kiritappu-Konbumori Quasi-National Park.”
Come visit Akkeshi and enjoy its beautiful nature and abundant blessings.

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Akkeshi-Kiritappu-Konbumori Quasi-National Park

Established in March of 2021, the Akkeshi-Kiritappu-Konbumori Quasi-National Park was Hokkaido’s first park of its kind in 31 years.
Discover the allure of the natural attractions that span 4 towns.