Sightseeing, History, and Flowers


These are some of the must-see places when visiting Akkeshi

Where should I start?
That’s one of Akkeshi’s charms. Feel free to travel around wherever the mood takes you.

Sightseeing Spots

  • Akkeshi Observation
    ■Natural scenery, coast
  • Tomata Coast
    ■Natural scenery, coastline
  • Ayamegahara Native Flower Garden
    ■Natural scenery, flowers, plants, coastline
  • Cape Aikappu
    ■Natural scenery, coastline
  • Nenohi Park
    ■Natural scenery, flowers
  • National Historic Site:Kokutai Temple
    ■Historical structure
  • Bekanbeushi Wetland
    ■Natural scenery, activity plans
  • Akkeshi Bridge and Kaki Island
    ■Natural scenery, coastline
  • Road Station: Akkeshi Gourmet Park
    ■Eat, shop and have fun
  • Kojima and Daikoku Islands seen from Pirikauta
    ■Natural scenery

Akkeshi’s History

  • National Historic Site: Kokutai Temple
    ■Historical structure
  • Maritime Museum
  • Tangible Cultural Property of Hokkaido: Ota Tondenheioku
    ■Historical structure

Akkeshi’s Flowers

  • Town Flower: Arctic Iris
    ■Best time to see: middle of June – beginning of July
  • Town Flower: Arctic Iris
    ■Best time to see: beginning of May – middle of May
  • Flower Named after the Town: Akkeshiso (Glasswort)
    ■Best time to see: middle of September – middle of October