Tastes of AkkeshiGOURMET

Tour the delicacies of a town of flowers, flavors, and history

“What should I eat?” Searching for gourmet foods is an inseparable part of traveling.
In Akkeshi, you’re able to savor blessings of both the land and the sea, so what are you waiting for? Come on over and eat your heart out!

SEA food

Oysters are a must in Akkeshi

This is the only place in the country that ships raw oysters all year long. Born and raised in Akkeshi, “kakiemon” are smallish, round oysters that have a condensed umami flavor to them. Also born and raised in Akkeshi, “bentenkaki” are a true native product that boast a deep flavor and firm meat. Lastly, “maruemon” were born in the Sanriku region before being transferred to Akkeshi as seeds, where they matured and became packed with plentiful meat. Come and compare their distinct flavors!

Not to mention their nutrition ♪ Oysters are packed with vitamins including vitamin B1, B2, and B12; minerals such as zinc and iron; and even amino acids; taurine; and collogen!

  • Pacific Saury

    An autumn delicacy harvested from August to November, Pacific saury has a fatty and exceptionally delicious flavor.

  • Giant Hair Crab

    These crabs have a deep and flavorful crab butter and a meat bursting with sweetness. They’re rigorously inspected so that only those that are 800 g or more are selected; guaranteeing that they’re the peak of deliciousness.

  • Manila clams

    To put it simply, the Manila clams in Akkeshi are large. They also have an outstanding firmness and are loaded with umami.

  • Hokkai Shrimp

    After being caught early in the morning, they’re boiled to ensure their juiciness and exceptional flavor.

Various specialties with Akkeshi’s oysters

Oyster Rice

Made from simmering oysters, its secret sauce soaks into the rice and stimulates your appetite. It’s, understandably, one of Akkeshi’s representative ekiben.

Oyster Full Course

A full assortment of oysters. Raw: check. Steamed: check. Fried: check. It’s truly an experience that will leave you fulfilled and satisfied.

Oyster Ramen

Savor this delicious ramen that has oysters infused with its soy sauce-based broth.

  • Pork and Oyster Rice Bowl

    「A pork rice bowl with “Hamanaka Hoei Pork”, and further topped with fried oysters. Its hearty portion lets you get your fill of both pork and oysters at the same time.

  • Oyster Pizza

    Cheese and oysters are an unparalleled match! You can further enjoy this great pairing with locally produced Akkeshi Whiskey.

  • Oyster Pasta

    Enjoy this oyster-topped pasta that’s full of flavor. Your stomach is bound to thank you!

  • Oyster Soba

    Fresh and plump oysters intermingling with the soba’s slightly strong sweet and salty sauce is unmistakably delicious!


Akkeshi Kiwa Milk 65

The low-temperature pasteurization and a non-homogenizing process that doesn’t break down fat globules allows you to savor the milk’s natural flavor. Truly the ultimate experience!

Kiwa Milk Ice Cream

Made using plenty of high-quality milk for a clean and sweet aftertaste


First-rate cheese made from fresh milk taken straight from the farm.

Akkeshi Confections: Oyster Monaka

A red bean wafer shaped like Akkeshi’s oysters. These wafers are packed tightly with slightly sweet red bean paste that has had oyster extract kneaded into it.

Soft serve

Silky soft serve where you can savor the town’s rich, fresh milk. This is a must-have if you visit Akkeshi.

Akkeshi Confections: Oyster Monaka

A red bean wafer shaped like Akkeshi’s oysters. These wafers are packed tightly with slightly sweet red bean paste that has had oyster extract kneaded into it.


Akkeshi Whiskey

Due to the cool climate, sea fog, and high-quality water, Akkeshi greatly resembles Islay, making it a holy land for single malt whisky. As a result, in 2016, the Akkeshi Distillery was established. From the peat and barley to the Mongolian oak for the barrels, it aims to use nothing but local materials. This results in a captivating collaboration between the whiskey’s sweet and elegant fruitiness and its peatiness. Aiming to become an all-star whiskey, it has already begun garnering attention from around the world.